Format: CD

Released by Attic/Alfa Records Japan 1989 on CD (ALCB-4)

Lee Aaron: Vocals
John Albani: Guitar/Vocals
Scott Humhprey: Bass and Drum Programming
Matthew Gerrard: Bass on "How Deep"
Phil Naro, Chas: Backing Vocals

Produced by Brian Allen.
Co-Produced by John Albani.
Recorded and Mixed by Lenny DeRose. Assistant Recording Engineer: Darren Millar. Assistant Mix Engineer: Marty Ogden.
Recorded at Phase One Studios Toronto, Canada.


 Bodyrock Album (Japan). Photo by Taffi Rosen. © Attic/Alfa Records

1. Nasty Boyz (4:05)
2. Yesterday (4:49)
(Aaron/Albani/P. Naro/M. Zarron)
3. Gotta Thing For You (4:04)
(Aaron/Albani/P. Naro/M. Zarron)
4. Rock Candy (4:09)
(R. Montrose/S. Hagar/B. Church/D. Carmassi)
5. Tough Girls Don't Cry (4:38)
6. Sweet Talk (5:57)
7. Rock The Hard Way (3:45)
(Aaron/Albani/S. Meisner)
8. Shame (4:50)
9. Whatcha Do To My Body (4:45)
10. Hands On (4:14)
(Aaron/Albani/P. Sabu)
11. Rebel Angel (4:15)
(Aaron/Albani/P. Naro/M. Zarron)
12. How Deep (5:10)
(Aaron/Albani/M. Birt)