Format: LP, MC & CD

Released by Attic Records Canada 1985 on LP (LAT 1212) MC (CAT 1212) CD (ACD 1212).
Released by Roadrunner Records Holland 1985 on LP (RR 9780).
Re-Issued by 10 Records U.K. 1987 on LP (DIX 46) MC (CDIX 46)
CD (DIXCD 46).
Re-Issued by 10 Records Germany 1987 on LP (207 579).
Re-Issued by Metronome Germany 1991? on CD (841 676-2).
Re-Issued Remastered and with new booklet by Unidisc Canada 2002 on CD (ATM-1212) Without the "Call Of The Wild" bonustrack

Lee Aaron: Vocals
Spyder Sinnaeve: Bass
John Albani: Guitar/Vocals
Simon Brierley: Guitar
Jerry Mercer: Drums
Chris Brockway, Walter Zwol,
Dick Wagner
: Background Vocals
Bob Ezrin: Keyboards/Percussion

Produced by Paul Gross. Except "Barely Holdin' On" Produced by Bob Ezrin Engineered by Lenny DeRose and Mick Walsh. Assistant Engineers: Kevin Markland, Wayne O' Brien, Randy Staub.
Mixed by Lenny DeRose.
Recorded at Phase One Studios Toronto.


Call Of The Wild Album. Photo by Dimo Safari © Attic Records.

1. Rock Me All Over (3:55)
2. Runnin' From The Fire (2:58)
3. Champion (4:04)
4. Barely Holdin' On (4:36)
(J. Cerisano)
5. Burnin' Love (3:39)
(A. Blue/H. Knight)
6. Line Of Fire (4:15)
(Marc Ribler/Bob Halligan Jr.)
7. Beat 'Em Up (3:00)
(Bob Halligan Jr.)
8. Paradise (3:22)
(Aaron/Albani/D. Wagner)
9. Evil Game (3:49)
(Aaron/Albani/D. Wagner)
10. Danger Zone (3:09)
11. Hot To Be Rocked (3:25)
(S. Brierley/Aaron/D. Wagner)

CD Bonus Track:
12. Call Of The Wild (4:20)