Format: CD, MC

Released by Hipchic Music/A&M Canada 1994 on CD (78871 7000-2)
MC (78871 7000-4)
Released by Jimco Japan 1995 on
CD (JICK 89574)

Lee Aaron: Vocals
Don Binns: Bass
John Albani: Guitar
Knox Chandler: Guitar
Reeves Gabrels: Guitar
Don Short: Drums
Mischke, Billy Newton Davis: Background Vocals
Kim Deschamp: Mandolin on "Raggedy Jane"
Daniel Mansilla: Additional Percussion

Produced by Mark S. Berry and John Albani.
Executive Producer: Lee Aaron.
Arranged by: Lee Aaron, John Albani, Knox Chandler, Don Short, Don Binns and Mark Berry.
Recorded and Mixed at: Metalworks Studios, Toronto, Canada March,April,May 1994.
Chief Engineer: Brad "Merlin" Nelson. Engineered by: Brad Nelson and Mark Berry.
Additional Engineering: L. Stu Young and Graham Brewer.
Assistant Engineers: David Tedesco and Ray Gilliland.
Mixed by: Mark S. Berry with John Albani and Lee Aaron.
Mix Engineer: Mark Berry
Assisted by: Brad Nelson.


Emotional Rain Album. Photo by Taffi Rosen. © Hipchic Music.

1. Odds of Love (4:58)
2. Baby Go Round (3:53)
3. Fire In Your Flame (4:37)
4. Waterfall (4:57)
5. Inside (4:14)
6. Raggedy Jane (4:35)
7. Soul In Motion (3:01)
8. Emotional Rain (3:49)
(Aaron/Albani/J. Grinstead)
9. Judgement Day (4:00)
(Aaron/Albani/A. Vandeburg)
10. Heaven (4:23)
11. Cry (4:48)
(Aaron/Albani/A. Vandeburg)
12. Had Enough (4:50)
(Aaron/Albani/A. Vandeburg)