Format: LP, MC & CD

Released by Attic Canada 1991 on
MC (CAT 1322) CD (ACD 1322)
Released by Metronome Musik GmbH 1991 on LP (511 487-1)
MC (511 487-4) CD (511 487-2)
Released by Attic Records Japan 1991 on CD (ALCB-415)
Re-Issued Remastered and with new booklet by Unidisc Canada 2002 on CD (ATM-1322)

Lee Aaron: Vocals
Rob Laidlaw: Bass/Vocals
John Albani: Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Randy Cooke: Drums
Phil Naro, Andy Curran, Brian Allen, Harold Hess: Background Vocals
Lou Pomanti: Organ on "Tuff Love"
John Derringer: Plays (With) Himself on "Motor City Boy"

Produced by Brian Allen.
Co-produced by John Albani.
Engineerd and Mixed by Lenny DeRose.
Assistant Recording & Mix Engineer: Paula Anderson.
Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto, Canada.
All Songs Arranged by: Lee Aaron, John Albani & Brian Allen.


Some Girls Do Album. Photo by Floria Sigismondi. © Attic Records

1. Some Girls Do (3:36)
2. Crazy In Love (3:49)
3. Hands Off The Merchandise (3:28)
(Aaron/Albani/M. Birt)
4. Wild At Heart(4:06)
(Aaron/Albani/S. Meisner)
5. Sex With Love (4:43)
6. (You Make Me) Wanna Be Bad (3:52)
(Aaron/Albani/A. Curran)
7. Tuff Love (4:40)
8. Motor City Boy (4:15)
9. Love Crimes (3:54)
(Aaron/Albani/S. Meisner)
10. Can't Stand The Heat (3:42)
(Aaron/Albani/P. Sabu)
11. Dangerous (3:36)
(Aaron/Albani/J. Vallance)
12. Tell Me Something Good (4:39)
(S. Wonder)
13. Peace On Earth (5:13)