Gord Sarand:(Next Level Productions) So you have released your first CD as band correct.

Karen: As this band yes, we all have done other ecordings in our time.

Gord: Is there a future for this band or is this just a one time thing.

Karen: We have already started to write, in fact we are playing something new tonight. We are defintely going to continue and make another record. When we first launched inti this there was a feeling of tentativeness because we had never worked together before in a writing type of situation, we were testing the waters. We had toyed with this being a project record but soon we started to develop a band and a sound.

Gord: So how did this get put together, have you been friends for a while.

Karen: I have known these guys since the beggining of 1994. I have always liked Sons Of Freedom and phoned them up to see if we could do some working together; so we got to know each other in a recording situation. Don Harrison came onboard 3 months later in a live situation, we then talked about putting together a brand new band with a brand new name.

Gord: So what is going to happen with Sons Of Freedom, are you guys going to continue.

S.O.F.: No... Not at all.

Gord: So for now it's just 2Preciious.

S.O.F.: That's right.

Gord: So are you going to be doing any touring.

Karen: No, in reality when you are an established solo artist you can do that easily but we are facing the economic reality of a brand new band and forging across the country on a new band level is hard. It is much harder to break out when you are pushing an independent record as opposed to having a major record deal with the mega powers behind you. We are developing a good local folowing and we build from there.

Gord: We are doing this for the internet are you familiar with this medium.

Karen: I am not on the internet yet but i plan to be in a few months. I have goofed around with it before. I know that a fan out there has put up a Lee Aaron web site.

Gord: Speaking of Lee Aaron what made you decide to change your name to Karen after you had such a huge following with Lee Aaron.

Karen: I guess I just grew weary that I had to live up to this bigger than life image that was created of me. Record labels just want you to keep making the same record over and over. I don't want to do Bodyrock again, I am not 20 any more and the politics can get out of hand. The biggest reason was the politics with the record companies, it has less to do with making music and more about business, I just got fed up. I know Lee Aaron has a lot of fans and I am proud of that time in my life but you can't stay in the same place forever.

Gord: You really have to keep evolving as a person.

Karen:I think you hit the nail on the head. As you evolve as a human being you are not in the same place as an artist anymore. I mean I just cpouldn't get up on stage asn jump around like I used to and believe it in my heart anymore. Even with this new project, the intentions were very honest and sometimes people have a hard time believing that it is honest. There are old perceptions still lingering. People will think what they want, you have to do what is right for you artistically.

Gord: Do you feel that this CD is more personal and that you wrote it for yourself instead of writing it for someone else.

Karen: Absolutely, very personal. I know that the rest of the band feels the same (all nod.)

Gord: We would like to thank you for being the first band for Vancouver Live. We wish you all the best with 2Preciious.

© Next Level Productions 1997