This is just a quick run through of Lee's career.

  • Lee Aaron is born on July 21, in Belleville,Ont. Canada.

    A young Lee playing the piano. 1964
  • Family moves to Winnipeg,Mb.
    - "I made my big debut in Kindergarten in Winnipeg in the Christmas show singing "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" that's where my musical career started." (Metal Forces #1)

  • Family moves to Brampton,On.

    1977 -
  • Makes her first big exposure on Canadian Tv, singing "You're the sunshine of my life" and a couple of other songs, on "The Big Al Show" (CKCO Tv) Kitchener,On.
    - "I had been singing in Theatre and Choirs etc. since I was a very small girl.
    That eventually led to me joining my first Rockband at the age of 15."
    - "When I was 15 in high school, a bass player from a local band saw me sing in a musical that he liked and he said, "Why don't you come and audition for our band?" And at the time I went to audition, all the guys in the band were going, "We don't want a chick in the band." But I auditioned anyway and they thought about it for a couple of days and then finally said, "Well, we can't find anyone else who sings as good as she can, so maybe we should let her join."
    - "And actually at the time I had quite a sweet voice. I jused to model myself after Barbara Streisand when I was quite young." - "It's just when I started singing in the band these guys were going, "Hey, listen to these Heavy Metal records." and I thought, "this is great, there's no girls out there that sing this kind of music, but I think I can." "And that's how it all started. I didn't really plan to get into this kind of music, it just happened."
    (KERRANG! #95)

  • The band started out playing local shows doing covers as well as original material. After Lee graduates from high school in 1979, with top marks and a sholarship in Geography, the band went on the road full time, and were eventually discovered by Toronto manager Robert Connolly in the winter of 1979/1980.
    - "He gave us the direction and hardened up our style, but we ended up packing it in after 3 months."
    (Bio sheet Metal Queen)

    1980 -
  • Lee gets a new band together and starts touring extensivley.
    - "I gained so much experience between the age of 17 - 19 being on the road playing every night"
    (Bio sheet Metal Queen)

    1982 Lee Aaron Project
  • Records her first album, with the help from many well known Canadian musicians: Rik Emmett (Triumph), Buzz Shearman (Moxy) and Rick Santers to name a few.
    "The Lee Aaron Project" released on Freedom Records late 1982.

  • Extensive touring in Canada and USA follows.
  • The album sells well on import in the UK, so she was brought over to London for a showcase at the Marquee Club on May 4. They couldn't afford to bring over the whole band so they hired Manchester based band Sam Thunder to back her up, and after only 12 hours of rehearsals they made a triumphant gig at the Marquee.
    "At the Marquee---the diminutive firebrand packed more energy into 60 minutes than most bands can manage in a week." Paul Suter,KERRANG!
  • She is invited back to the UK to play at the Reading Festival on aug 27, together with Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Anvil and Marillion among others. This show was filmed for Canadian Tv.

    1984 Metal Queen
  • Signs to Attic Records and releases her second album "Metal Queen".
  • The Video for the title track "Metal Queen" was rated R by the BBC in England and banned entirely in Australia.
  • The first album gets a re-release by Attic, in a new packing and containing a bonustrack "Under the Stars" recorded live at the El Mocambo in Toronto. Lee Aaron First Lp
  • Extensive touring in Canada and USA follows.
  • Juno nomination, in the "Most promissing Female Artist" category Lee Aaron with band 1984

    1985 Call Of The Wild
  • Ends with manager Robert Connolly.
  • By the time of the recording of her third album "Call of the Wild", she had become very popular in Europe. Due to the enormous intrested from the European market, a tour was set up in the spring of 1985.
  • Her European record label actually wanted the album completed and released before the tour, but insted of rushing it, they finished 3 tracks and released the "Rock me all Over" 12" Single, to have some new material out for the tour. - "The day after I sang my last vocal chords for the album, we left for Europe" (Much Music July 85)
  • This was a fairly extensive tour, including both headline shows as well as support slots with Bon Jovi and Hawkwind.
    Lee & John onstage at the Heavy Sound Festival in Poperinge/Belgium 1985
  • A headline show at the "Camden Palace" in London, was filmed for the British Tv-show "Live from London", and was later released as a home video. Lee Aaron Home Video
  • While the tour was going on the album was being mixed in Canada, so the band wasn't involved in the final mixes. Lee has later pointed out that she wasn't really satisfied with the end result.
  • A couple of weeks after the tour ended, she went back to Europe to appear on a festival in the Austrian alps, called "Rock on the Rocks".
  • Back home in Canada again she toured together with Kim Mitchell.
  • In November of 1985, she went back to Europe for a headline tour, including a show at the "Dominion Theater" in London, which was filmed for a home video and recorded for a planned Live album.
  • Juno nomination, in the "Female Vocalist of the Year" category.

  • Changes managers to PMC (Propas Management Corporation)
  • Attic Records signs her to Virgin Records in Europe.

    1987 Lee Aaron 1987
  • Releases her fourth album simply called "Lee Aaron".
    The album is released on 10 Records (a subsidary of Virgin Records) in Europe.
  • Gets her first top 40 single in Canada with "Only Human".
  • Makes another European tour, that brings her back to the "Reading Festival" on Aug. 29. The tour ends in Canada in November of 1987.
  • Juno nomination, in the "Female Vocalist of the year" category.
  • When 10 Records folds, Attic signs her to Metronome Records in Germany.
  • Lee wins 'Best Female Vocalist' Award at the first 'Toronto Music Awards' held at Massey Hall on Sept. 18 Lee Aaron Cover of Kerrang 1987

  • Writes her upcoming album "Bodyrock".

    1989 Bodyrock
  • Releases her most succesful album to this date "Bodyrock", that included the hit singles "Whatcha do to my body", "Hands On" and "Sweet Talk".
  • On this album they really concentrated on Canada and it payed off, in 5 weeks after it's release it had sold Gold and 7 weeks later it turned Platinum and have by now sold almost triple Platinum, and garned her 5 Juno nominations (a record number at the time).
    Lee Aaron 1989
  • The "Bodyrock" tour started in Aug 1989. The first leg took the band from Nova Scotia to British Columbia (Coast to coast).
    The second leg brought them back to Europe for a co headline tour with Nazareth, that also included a couple of headline shows, ending at "The Marquee" in London. They ended the year by playing some local Ontario shows in December.
    Lee Aaron 1989

  • The "Bodyrock" tour continues with extensive touring in Canada, an apperance at the "San Remo Festival" in Italy, and a show at the "Kat Club" in New York was also squeezed in. The tour ended with a couple of shows in Japan in October.
  • Juno nominations for "Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Best Video".
  • The Video for "Whatcha do to my body", won "Best Metal video" on the Much Music awards.

    1991 Some Girls Do
  • Releases her sixth album "Some Girls Do" that include the Hit single "Sex with love".
  • In Canada the album went Gold in 37 days and Platinum shortly afterwards and gained her 3 Juno nominations.
  • The "Some girls do Tour" lasted for 11 months and included a European tour with Manfred Manns Earth Band !!!! [a slightly strange combination].
  • The video for the single "Sex with love" was banned by YTV in Canada.
  • Juno nominations for "Best album of the year" (Bodyrock), "Best Hard Rock/Metal album" (Bodyrock) and "Female Vocalist of the Year".

  • The "Some girls do Tour" continues until August.
  • Juno nominations for "Best Hard Rock album" and "Female Vocalist of the Year".
  • Parts company with Attic Records by releasing a Compilation album called "Powerline The Best of Lee Aaron". Powerline The Best Of Lee Aaron
  • The video from this album "Peace on earth" features Lee's dad as the priest.

  • Does a short Canadian tour to promote the "Powerline" album.
  • Writes new material.
  • Plays a few local Ontario dates to test the new material live.
  • Guests with the Lost Dakotas at the first "Kumbaya Festival" in Toronto.

    1994 Emotional Rain
  • Releases her eight album "Emotional Rain" on her own label, Hipchic Music Inc. (distributed by A&M in Canada).
  • This album featured some well known musicians, Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie), Knox Chandler (The Psychedelic Furs), aswell as Don Short/Don Binns (Sons of Freedom).
    - "During the pre-production of the album, I kept saying we need players like this and then I heard that Sons of Freedom had actually split up, so I called them up and asked if they wanted to play on the album. They were quite shocked first, but they liked the direction I was going with this album". She says on how joining up with Binns/Short.
    (Q107 TORONTO)
  • Knox Chandler played on the first part of the tour, but was replaced with former Sons of Freedom guitarist, Don Harrison.
  • Plays on the second "Kumbaya Festival" on September 4th.

    1995 Emotional Rain European Version
  • "Emotional Rain" gets a European release in February on No Bull Records/KOCH Int. containing 2 new tracks ("Concrete & Ice", "Strange Alice"). The European record label wanted some new material on the album, as the original Canadian release had sold quite well on import in Europe already.
  • A European tour followed in April with, Thunder (UK) and China (CH).
  • By the time of this tour, her longtime guitarist and songwriting partner John Albani had left the band and were temporary replaced with Mike Borkosky (Allanah Myles).
  • John Albani now lives in Nashville,Tenn.,USA where he runs a recording Studio (Landshark Music Services).

  • Lee Aaron scraps her solo career to start a band with the "3 Don's" from Sons of Freedom, under the name of 2 Preciious. 2 Preciious
  • Their first independent album "2 Preciious" was released on July 29th in Canada, and a couple of months later in Europe under the name "Lee Aaron & 2 Preciious".
    [When I had the opportunity to meet the band after a couple of shows in Germany in April of 1995. They were already talking about releasing the next album under a band name in Canada and USA, to get away from the "Metal Queen" tag, and get a fresh start. As the name "Lee Aaron" were too attached with the 80's Metal scene. But still release it as an Lee Aaron album in Europe, were she was still quite popular.]
    Lee Aaron & 2 Preciious
  • On this album they only did a few Canadian dates.

  • 2 Preciious playes a few shows and then decides to take a "short" break.
  • During the break, Lee performs a couple of Jazz/Lounge shows in Vancouver,BC with Pianist Dennis Michael Ziebert.
  • Don Binns temporary joins Econoline Crush.

  • Lee continues to play local Jazz shows in the Vancouver area and plans a release of a Jazz cd.
  • Makes a "comeback" as a Rock artist when she does a cross Canada "Greatest Hits" tour during Oct - Dec.

  • Continues playing local Jazz shows aswell as doing a couple of shorter rock tours across Canada.
    Including gigs at the "Classic Rock Festival" in Minnedosa,MB and at "Rock Fest '99" in Shediac,NB.
  • Records her Jazz cd "Slick Chick" to be released in early 2000.
  • Nominated for West Coast Music Award.

  • Jazz dates in British Columbia & Rock dates in selected Canadian cities.
  • Releases her Jazz cd "Slick Chick" on May 15th.
  • Appears in Billboard Magazine.
    Slick Chick

  • Makes her first cross Canada Jazz tour.
    Jazz Poster 2001
  • Canadian Rock dates with Helix & Headpins.
  • Guests on German band Demon Drive's Cd "Rock n Roll Star".
    Singing on their version of the old Suzi Quatro song "She's In Love With You".

  • Appears in the Opera "120 songs for Marquis de Sade".
  • "Slick Chick" finally gets released in Europe through the Music Avenue label.
  • First European Jazz tour. Tours together with "Johnny Ferreira & The Swing Machine".
  • Starts recording the follow up to "Slick Chick" in December.
  • Juno nomination for "Best Jazz Album".
  • Hosts the premiere show of the renewed PowerHour on Much More Music.

  • Lee's back-catalogue [Lee Aaron Project,Metal Queen,Call Of The Wild,Lee Aaron,Bodyrock,Some Girls Do and Powerline] is reissued (remastered with new booklets) in Canada by Unidisc.

    Poster from European Jazz Tour 2002 Slick Chick [European version]

  • Lee writes and records the follow up to "Slick Chick" - but the cd just seems to get postponed all the time. Except from a few Canadian dates, there's not much happening this year.

  • Releases her second non rock album "Beautiful Things" on March 16 in Canada, a few Canadian dates follows.
  • Lee becomes a mother for the first time. When she gives birth to daughter Angella Maris on June 7th.
  • "Emotional Rain" is reissued (in new packaging and with new liner notes from Lee) in Canada on Sept 28th by Solid Gold Records

  • Except from a few Canadian dates, there's not much happening this year.

  • Lee becomes a mother for the second time. When she gives birth to son Jett Forrester on Jan 7th.
  • Lee makes a surprise return to the rockstage on June 16th, when she plays the Rock The Fort Festival in Thunder Bay,ON playing a "greatest hits" set including songs from Bodyrock,Some Girls Do,Emotional Rain,Slick Chick and Beautiful Things and showcasing a new song "Bad Boyfriend" as encore. This show was followed by a similar one at the Voyageur Days in Mattawa,ON on July 29th.

  • Lee is featured on MTV Cribs and one Canadian date.

  • The "Greatest Hits" tour continues with dates at theatres, clubs and festivals sharing stages with Sammy Hagar,Joan Jett,Loverboy,Lou Gramm and Honeymoon Suite at Rock The Park, Voyageur Days and Rockin' The Fields.

  • Releases the 3 DVD set 'Rarities, Studio & Live: 1981-2008'. A few dates rock and jazz.

  • Just a few dates mostly rock.

  • Plays her first rock show in europe since 1995, when she plays in Sweden for the first time at the Sweden Rock Festival sharing the stage with Saxon, Accept, Joan Jett, Thin Lizzy at the festival headlined by Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and Whitesnake. Lee does a signing session after her show and draws most people of all bands signing at the festival.

  • Releases the DVD 'Live In Sweden'.