Calgary Herald - October 6, 1991

Some girls do:

LEE AARON and DARBY MILLS at the Silver Dollar Action Centre Oct. 16-17.

You`ve seen her dressed like the daughter of Conan the Barbarian, attired in a loin cloth outfit and wielding a sword.

You`ve seen her in leather `n` studs, a metal man`s dream incarnate.

And her new recording features plenty of leggy, pouty, garter belt-revealing photos. It`s also called Some Girls Do.

But don`t get Lee Aaron wrong. She`s really an old-fashioned girl at heart.

Take, for example, the first single from her new album: Sex With Love.

"In this age of AIDS, I almost feel that the message youth are getting these days is that casual sex is OK as long as you use a condom," says Aaron.

"What I`m saying is, well, what about the old-fashioned way, what about having high values and old-fashioned morals and waiting . . . sex can be a wonderful, beautiful, sharing experience . . . so what about waiting until you know something about someone and have deep feelings about them too."

Now, Aaron still likes to wear mini-skirts. And her new album is still straight-ahead rock `n` roll looking to power away an hour. Nothing fancy. Nothing original. Just gee-tar glory and Aaron singing as if her lungs were made of leather. It`s no wonder she`s doing a twin-bill with Darby Mills at the Silver Dollar Action Centre Oct. 16-17.

However, Aaron is, well, older. She`s 29 to be exact.

"I won`t say I`ve matured because that makes me sound like I`m 50, but as I`ve gotten older my perspective on things have changed. I definitely feel I have more to say.

"I mean, the typical hard-rock thing is to write about babes, partying, getting laid, having a good time. I`d rather take a different twist these days.

"A song like Tough Love, for example, is about how you enter into a relationship and somewhere along the line something changes and all the things that someone liked about you now just annoy him," says Aaron, quickly turning personal.

"You used to like the fact that I was an independent woman and had my own job and now you`re jealous that I go to work and leave you alone."

In fact, Aaron insists that theme of independence lies at the heart of the album`s title, Some Girls Do.

"It does not mean some girls do have sex, though I`m sure a lot of people take it that way. It is a little ambiguous.

"What it means is that some girls do what they want. It`s meant to be a very positive thing for women.

"We all grew up with traditions and stereotypes that talk about how good girls act and the way bad girls act.

"Hey, just because your mother told you that all girls who wear mini-skirts are tramps doesn`t mean it`s so.

"The song means feel free to do what you want, say what you want and express yourself in the way you feel comfortable. If you want to be a firewoman, then do it. If you want to sing in a rock `n` roll band, then do it."

And Aaron has been doing just that since she was 15, willing to rock and show a little skin in order to, well, make it. Her last album, Bodyrock, sold more than 200,000 copies.

"You can`t build a career on just a pretty face. It doesn`t hurt," Aaron admits, "but you gotta have the goods to back it up."

Some girls do. And Aaron believes she`s one of them.

James Muretich
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