CHATHAM,ON Summer,1984

Lee with fans outside club in Chatham,ON

All info I have about these photos is that they were taken outside a club in Chatham,ON in the early 80's. So lets start the detective work. One of the guys is wearing a Judas Priest 'Defenders of The Faith' t-shirt. That album was released in January 1984, so must be after that. Let's assume it's a tour shirt. Judas Priest played in Detroit on June 13, 1984 which was the nearest city to Chatham on that tour. It's clearly summer outside. Lee played east coast dates until at least June 17 and went up to North Ontario in early August so lets scale it down to somewhere between June 18 to early August. The venue I don't know anything about except from that it's white with a brown door :) I searched for bars/clubs that bands played in Chatham in the early to mid 80's and come up with at least two suitable ones (might be more though?): The Aberdeen Tavern and the Central Tavern. Found photos of them both and The Aberdeen Tavern seems to be the most likely one. But what do I know? So please help me out. Do you have more info about this date, are you maybe one of the guys in the photos? Please send me an email at LeeAaronFan@yahoo.com