Jazz Spotlight

"They say once you've sung rock, you won't be able to sing jazz. Lee Aaron proves them wrong every time she stands next to a piano and lets her husky voice fly". THE VANCOUVER SUN

"There can be no denying that Lee Aaron has made an almost unimaginable leap from internationally acclaimed 80's rocker to sultry, jazzy standards". THE WESTENDER

After a four-year hiatus from the recording scene, Lee Aaron has re-emerged with a surprising debut into the jazz and blues world. Having cut her teeth on jazz standards in theatre as a young girl, Aaron has always maintained this music's influence on her. Even throughout her years as a rock artist, Aaron never made secret of the fact that she had a deep passion for the music of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and others. In 1997, Lee's passion drew her back into the jazz scene, playing intimate venues and garnering rave critical reviews. She has since become a respected and solid figure in the West Coast jazz circuit.

"Slick Chick', recorded with her live band, The Swingin' Barflies, is Aaron's tenth album to date - her first in the genre of jazz and blues. The disc's twelve tracks (plus a "hidden" thirteenth track) are a unique collection of originals, standards, and some rare offbeat numbers, revamped and presented with a fresh, contemporary twist. Produced by Aaron, with pianist/collaborator Jane Milliken, the disc proves Ms. Aaron is much more than just a rock diva. She swings like nobody's business on tracks like "Twisted" and "He Ain't Got Rhythm", and it's hard not to get drawn in by her trademark sass and sense of humour. On "Chaser For the Blues", her voice oozes with sweetness, soul and grit in a way that tells us that she's lived a bit and has something to sing about. Milliken's blues-based piano style compliments Aaron's delivery like a glove, and the Barflies deliver tight, solid performances without ever losing that spontaneous "live" edge.

Defying tradition, "Slick Chick" breaths hip new life into some very cool old tunes, and is sure to win Aaron a whole new fan base. Lee Aaron is poised for success in the new millennium. As David Farrell from THE RECORD said; "It's time we gave this Canadian icon the recognition she deserves".