Press Release

An Intimate Evening Of Cool Jazz And Live Cinema
Starring: LEE AARON with special guest: RALPH

  • April 10, Calgary, Night Gallery
  • April 11, Edmonton, Sidetrack Cafe
  • April 12, Saskatoon, Broadway Theatre (CFCR-FM presents)
  • April 13, Winnipeg, West End Cultural Centre (CKUW-FM Presents)
  • April 23, Ottawa, SAW Gallery
  • April 26, Moncton, 53rd and 3rd
  • April 27-28, Fredericton, Gallery Connexion
  • April 29, Charlottetown, Arts Guild

  • May 2, Sydney (Baddeck), North River Centre For Performing Arts
  • May 3, Halifax, The Marquee

  • June 23, Toronto, Harbourfront (Lee Aaron & Ralph do separate shows)

  • Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City

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    Dave Rave & Mark McCarron
    new cd: "Another Side Of Love"

    After a four year hiatus from recording, LEE AARON is embarking on her first ever jazz tour across Canada to promote the release of her debut jazz and blues CD, "Slick Chick" (Distribution Fusion III). She is headlining a very unique evening of jazz and cinema that also includes fellow Vancouver jazz combo, RALPH, featuring noted beat poet and pop culture guy, Ralph Alfonso. The venues encompass art galleries, clubs, and rep cinemas.

    Best known for a string of rock and pop hits that brightened the Canadian airwaves during the 80s and 90s, Lee Aaron has been based in Vancouver since the mid-90s. Throughout her years as a rock artist, Aaron never made a secret of of her deep passion for the music of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and others (Lee cut her teeth on jazz standards in theatre as a young girl). In 1997, Lee's passion drew her back into the jazz scene, garnering rave reviews and establishing herself as a solid and respected figure on the West Coast jazz circuit.

    This show will include the RALPH group performing live in front of a specially commissioned B/W movie directed by Chris Hooper (ex-Grapes Of Wrath) called "Vie De Nuit" (some of the soundtrack is featured on the "This Is For The Night People" CD, distributed by Outside Music). "It's a very intimate experience reminiscent of a 60s New York loft performance," explains Ralph. "The movie is very much a homage to the French new wave sensibility of the early 60s."

    In addition to leading his namesake band, Ralph Alfonso has also released a second book of pop culture writings and poetry, "This Is For The Night People", already in a second printing (the first one sold out within two weeks of publication) via Madrigal Press/Raincoast Books. The new RALPH CD, also titled "This Is For The Night People" is currently #9 on the Canadian College Jazz Charts and debuted at #21 on the Canadian College Top 50 Chart. It is being released in England on April 2 by Nettwerk Records.

    Ralph and Lee's friendship goes way back to when Ralph was the head of promotion at Attic Records when the label signed Lee Aaron at the age of 17! They have both stayed in touch over the years with Ralph designing Lee's jazz CD and Lee returning the favour with a guest vocal on Ralph's CD ("Blue April"). "It just made sense that we tour together," says Lee, "We all know each other socially and this is an exciting opportunity for all of us to create a unique evening together."

    Both LEE AARON and RALPH will be sharing a core group of musicians comprised of; Jane Milliken (keyboards), Lee's musical director and CD co-producer - Ms. Milliken has played with Marc Jordan, Shirley Eikhard, Hugh Marsh and others; Graham Howell (sax), a member of both RALPH and the LEE AARON group, in addition to duties with Powder Blues; and John Cody (drums), a prolific musician who's played with Bo Diddley, Ray Condo, and many more - Cody's tales of touring Canada in the 70's are featured in Dave Bidini's book, "On A Cold Road". John also writes for the American music magazine, Goldmine.

    "They say that once you've sung rock, you won't be able to sing jazz. Lee Aaron proves them wrong every time she stands next to a piano and lets her husky voice fly...." VANCOUVER SUN

    "Lee Aaron has pulled off one of the biggest musical transformations...while it may be hard for some to believe that Aaron could tread so confidently in so many jazzy subgenres, the fact is, she did". THE GLOBE AND MAIL

    "A haunting mixture of moody jazz, soft spoken, cigarette burned poetry and exquisite lyrics, this fourth release by Ralph is cool, dark and heady." EXCLAIM!

    For more information about the tour, contact: Ralph Alfonso (tour organizer): 604-654-2929 (ext 217), ralph@bongobeat.com

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