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Canadian songstress LEE AARON had been out of the limelight in the UK for some time...until recently. The Metal Queen had not played her since the Reading Festival in 1987, a situation rectified at a London Marquee Club show in November.

With her fifth album 'Body Rock' finally going Gold in her homeland - though a British release has yet to be confirmed - luscious Lee was in a buoyant mood as she prepared herself for RAW's Rouges Gallery quizzing. And no, she didn't want to drink Paul Suter's bathwater!

Full name
My label doesn't want me to let it out any more, but I suppose so many people know already - it's ***** **** ********.

Date of birth
July 21, ****.

Current home

Three adjectives to describe yourself
Ooooh...okay, how about little, witty and loony?

Instruments played
E flat alto sax and keyboards, but not for a while. The last time I played keyboards was about six years ago, and I don't think I've played the sax for about ten years!

Who did you impersonate in front of the mirror?
Janis Joplin.

First vinyl apperance
The 'Lee Aaron Project' album [1982].

Previous bands
I was in the concert band and the jazz band at school, but professionally it would have to be a band called Lee Aaron which I got together with my original guitarist George Bernhardt [now with LA outfit Beau Nasty]. I was 15-years-old at the time, still in school, and that's where my stage name came from - everybody thought I was Lee Aaron!

Worst thing about you
That I'm late for everything! Although I'm way better than I used to be. I actually get to a lot of things on time nowadays!

Worst job you've ever had
One Summer I worked assembling course pamphlets for a college, and I came home every night with thousands of paper cuts. Blood everywhere - I hated it!

Favourite musician [who plays your instrument]
Not really one favourite, but several. Aretha Franklin, Prince - although he's perhaps a favourite artist rather than a favourite singer - and Ian Gillan [ex Deep Purple]. My tastes are expanding all the time, though - I used to be so much into the old school of Blues oriented Rock and that was it, Purple and Led Zeppelin, you know. But now I'm getting into a bunch of different stuff, dance and old Motown, things like that.

Greatest piece of music you've ever heard
God, I hate these kind of questions! It's so difficult to choose just one, so how about two?
There's an Iggy Pop song called 'Shades', and the lyrics just blow my mind - it's about a regular guy who appreciates the real simple things in life rather than being impressed by money, a beautiful song.
Also 'Little Red Corvette' by Prince, the classic Prince song.

None of your business!
We'll, I'm into surrealistic art and I like to paint and draw when I have time.
I also like to curl up in my room in the candlelight and read Stephen King novels, something real scary!

Biggest phobia
Beeing stung by bees - I'm so scared of that happening, although so far I've managed to avoid it! Don't ask me why I'm scared of it, I just am!

Strange things you do in the privacy of your own home
What's strange? What have other people been saying? Walking around naked? Oh, I do that, I just didn't think it was that strange...

Most peculiar request from a fan
The other night in Hamilton some guy wanted me to sign his butt...

If you were a man, who would you be?
Mel Gibson [Australian actor and star of the 'Mad Max' and 'Lethal Weapon' movies]

Whose bath water would you most like to drink?
Mel Gibson's [Australian actor, etc.] Easy one, that!

One thing about you that would surprise a RAW reader
I dunno - that my bra size is only 34B and all this time you thought I was stacked?
Or that I always sleep naked? I just can't get to sleep when I'm wearing anything. Also, I never wear underwear. Would that shock people?

Interrogation: PAUL 'shocked' SUTER

© RAW 1989