The Vancouver Sun - October 24, 1991

Hail to the queen of Canadian rock:

AS THE REIGNING queen of Canadian hard-rock, Lee Aaron exudes a leather-and-lipstick image.

"Definitely, the Lee Aaron that's on stage and on album is an extension of my personality," says the Toronto native, who, at the time of the phone interview, admitted she'd abandoned the black, studded stage gear for comfy pyjamas.

"I'd be lying to say that it's completely contrived. But part of it is certainly tongue in cheek."

It's that image, along with a set of killer pipes and tunes custom-crafted for denim-swathed headbangers, that catapulted Aaron to the top of the charts with 1989's multi-platinum Bodyrock album, which featured the Whatcha Do to My Body hit single.

She's at 86 Street Friday night in support of her latest album, Some Girls Do.

Aaron hasn't been spoiled by the success that had eluded her during the course of four previous releases.

"My career certainly hasn't been an overnight success. I was ready to have a record do well.

Aaron is likely to have another successful album with her latest, a recording that possesses many of the ingredients that helped Bodyrock crack the airwaves: metal guitars, monster drums and Aaron's throaty caterwaul.

Some of the subject matter, however, won't win her the feminist vote.

"There are a lot of sexual innuendoes in my songs, but they're meant in a fun way," says Aaron, who would argue her material shows women in a positive light.

"The song Some Girls Do doesn't mean some girls do it. It means some girls do what they want and, yeah, Lee Aaron does do what she wants and is in control of her life.

"If you read between the lines, it's all about not being afraid to be who you want to be."

Similarly, the somewhat forward-sounding first single, Sex With Love, also harbors deeper intentions.

"Sex With Love is about having old-fashioned values, but a lot of people don't get the joke," says Aaron.

"I think the message going out to youth these days is that casual sex is okay as long as you use a condom.

"My response to that is: Gee, what about the old-fashioned way? What about waiting until you know something about someone and you have deep feelings for them?

"I know that's always been my criteria."

Greg Potter
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